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If you feel as passionate as we do about the power of music, we encourage you to become part of the Keys of Change family and donate generously.

We need your help to keep bringing the hope of music! If you would like to help us continue and expand our work, please make a U.S. tax deductible donation by clicking the donation tab or by sending a check, payable to Keys of Change USA, 39515 Glenn Glade, Chapel Hill, NC  27517..


If you would like to make a regular contribution press the support button and fill in the form. Please support us with as little as $20 per month. In a year this could enable us to:
-Pay three months of music classes for one group of children living in a home in Belgrade or Quito

-Pay one month of advanced teacher training for a local music teacher in Oaxaca, Mexico, in order to improve their skills and pass their knowledge onto the young students. 


We invite anyone who is interested to approach us with ideas. Why not do an Amazon themed concert or soirée, a sponsored walk to raise money and awareness.


We are looking for volunteers to teach music (piano, wind or voice, basic harmony) and English (approx 15 hours per week) to children in our projects.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us with admin and PR work. Volunteers should preferably be willing to work for a minimum of three months, but shorter stays are also possible.

Email us for more information.



Keys of Change USA is planning to be in Serbia, Greece, Mexico and Japan in 2018. If you have an idea of a new project, we would love to hear about it! 

Money always helps, but there are lots of other ways to help us: for example, airmiles donation from airlines will help us to cover the cost of transportation for our volunteers. You can also donate musical instruments to equip our musical education sessions. 


Sign up to our newsletter in order to receive free updates on fundraising events that will be taking place and win tickets to our next fundraising recital.

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