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Serbian Sounds

Belgrade, Serbia

Our newest musical education project is in Serbia. Keys of Change USA is providing music lessons to 95 children living in Serbia facing particular life challenging situations. Learning music not only enhances their emotional connectivity, but will improve their self- expression, and contribute to each child's healing process.

Keys of Change USA initially contacted several organisations operating in Serbia to assess the possibility of starting a musical education programme involving vulnerable children and young people. After conducting assessment visits, we concluded that it would be of great value to start music education programmes with the children under the care of five children’s homes in and around Belgrade. Each supervising organisation selected approximately

20 students, based on an assessment of who would benefit most from the music lessons, and would also show a regular commitment to the activities. The priority, when selecting students to participate in the programme, ideally of elementary or middle school age, was placed on their willingness to use music as a tool of self- improvement, and a willingness to support and help others through music.

At each location, we are organising weekly music classes that are focused on singing (individual and choir), music appreciation, rhythmic games and percussion playing. Further down the line, individual lessons will also be offered to students either who are very keen or who need extra support.

The classes are taught by Serbian violin teachers Ana and Milica who have experience of teaching children at risk from frequently violent and abusive backgrounds, while the overall programme is supervised Keys of Change USA associate Zach, currently based in Greece.

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