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Music All Over the World
Keys of Change CIO (UK)

In Fukushima, the Amazon, Sierra Leone, Siberia, India and all around the world, our sister organization Keys of Change CIO in the United Kingdom brings music to young people whose are living under extraordinary circumstances. From slum communities, to youth orchestras, the goal is always the same: to use music to inspire and empower, to help young people improve their lives. The children taking part in these music activities are living daily under the indignity, stigma and negative effects of drugs, violence and poverty. Like us, Keys of Change CIO (UK) are not aiming to create the top musicians of the next generation. Instead, music is one of the simplest ways to empower these children, give them hope for tomorrow, and help them see value in life and human interaction. 


For more information please visit: Keys of Change CIO (UK) 

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